Buddhism For Schools
Buddhism For Schools

Winter Discounts 2023/24


BHS supply workshops on other RE subjects and relate the lesson to all faiths as a rule and especially more so when visiting denominational schools.



Click HERE for more information about other workshop modules on Hinduism, Sikhism, Meditation, Hand Mudras, Henna, Face Painting, Indian Music and Dance.



 Larger Classes

Story Dressups

  Pupil Respect


Buddhism workshops are ever popular in UK and Irish schools. Students are fascinated by the vibrant displays of gold and silver Buddha deities and many related articles of worship such as singing bowls, prayer wheels, gongs and conchshells.


This spring, BHS Edu are offering 10% discount off a Whole Day workshop for schools who can make a booking on or before Feb 14th 2024. 


Big savings are there for your school if you Act Now.

When booking your workshop quote our discount code:

WESAK24 Offer Ends Dec 19th 2023.



Other workshop topics are:


Meditation - Indian Music and Dance - Mock Wedding - Henna Art - Mindfulness Etc


On a tight budget this Spring?


Can't afford the coach to visit a Temple, Mandir or Gurudwara?


BHS can bring it to you instead!


Too much risk assessment, pupil letters and other logistics to deal with?


Why not have our Virtual Visit to your school and cut your costs by up to 80%, save headaches, letter writing and reduce the risks!

"The prime purpose in this life is to help others.  If we can't help them, at least don't hurt them..."

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