Buddhism For Schools
Buddhism For Schools


Today's UK is a vast multicultural society comprising people with diverse life-styles, diets, world views and religious beliefs.  In fact, when we consider global warming, climate change, space technology etc, we now live in a different world to what it was just thirty or forty years ago.  


With all the new European Union Laws allowing mass imigration into the UK, many Eastern block families have settled here and are now part our communities that already contain thousands of African, West Indian, Chinese and Asian families.  


The challenges of helping children grow up without racial and opposing religious tensions is apparent to most teachers and that is one of the main reasons Fun Learning Workshops have developed these specialised school presentations.




Personal, Health, Social Citizenship Education:


We highlight multiculturalism within each module by identifying pupils from different ethnic backgrounds and their countries, languages etc. Our workshop modules touch upon cleanliness, anti-bullying awareness, healthy eating and positive social intergration.


We focus on improving the children's understanding and appreciation of their values and cultural differences.  Our multicultural and lingual skills are utilised within the lesson, showing how diverse cultures really compliment one another.  This helps create a stronger foundation for teaching staff to develop better relations between the pupils.




Secondary School Workshops

Our Secondary school workshops are specially designed to address multicultural issues in a subtle dynamic element.


One of the great contributions of Eastern philosophy is the way it deals with under-standing the human body and the various species of human being.  There is no point deny that there are different types of body colour and designs, but there is a similar thread within all bodies including the lower animal, bird, reptile, aquatic, insect and plant life.  


The Buddhist and other Eastern teachings bring the concept of Oneness of all beings and a Universal Self rather than considering the individual self only which creates false seperatism.  Teaching children that the external body is a secondary consideration to the real living entity within which projects personality and character helps to raise children above apparent differences and assists in seeing true unity within diversity. 


Multiculturalism is one of the many contributions we bring to your school.

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"The prime purpose in this life is to help others.  If we can't help them, at least don't hurt them!"

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