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What is a Mantra and what is Japa Meditation?

Mantra is an ancient Sanskrit compound word; man literally means mind or the reservoir of desires and tra (trayate) means to free or protect one from fear and anxiety.  Mostly mantras begin with Omkar or the sacred Aum chant, which represents the sublime origin of everthing and symbolizes the fundamental purpose of existence and awareness of one's self on higher levels and dimensions.


The most popular mantra in the Western hemisphere is the Maha Mantra or great chant for deliverence and this gem of a book which contains interviews with John Lennon and George Harrison reveal their insights and some of the benefits of kirtan and chanting.

Universal Chant


The Omkar or Aum chant is familiar in both Buddhist and Hindu traditions.  Here is a Universal chant called Maha Mantra or great chant for deliverance. Click on the video to hear a pure soul chant in total surrender to the Universal will.  


The image below clearly defines the seven chakras (energy points) in the body. Each chakra symbolises the level of consciousness of a human being.  


The lower chakras represent base desires for sensual gratification whilst the solar plexus, heart and upper chakras represent higher aims of life culminating in the desire for liberation of spiritual freedom.


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