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Buddhist Workshop Outcomes 



Below is a list of probable outcomes from our Buddhist workshops.



  • Greater understanding of Mahayan and Theravada Buddhist culture


  • Why the Buddhist Temple is so important to Buddhists


  • Understanding of India and Asia’s ancient history


  • Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path


  • Detailed understanding of reincarnation, how and why it is a universal law


  • Detailed understanding of the causal law of karma (Newton’s law of action and reaction)


  • More understanding behind the reason why all Buddhists should be either vegetarian or vegan


  • Experience of Buddhist music, songs, gongs, singing bowls and how sound is essentially a spiritual phenonema


  • Deeper understanding of the sense of self and the external bodies of mind and senses


  • Appreciation of the 8,400,000 species of life 


  • Experience of yoga, pranayama breathing and focusing the mind in meditation


  • Seeing through the eyes of young Buddhist monks and how they learn the practical ethics of humility and tolerance


  • Knowledge of the life of Buddha and what he taught and why and how he spread his teachings


  • Understanding what respect towards other living entities means to a Buddhist

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