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Buddhist Beliefs - The Four Noble Truths 

Buddhist Beliefs


1. Dukkha: Material life is unsatisfactory. Instead of running smoothly, life is full of ups and downs.  It's frustrations are called Dukkha, a word meaning restlessness and suffering.


2. Samudaya: Dukkha arises.  This takes the form of (tanha) or selfish desire which is linked with ignorance, greed and hatred.


3. Nirodha:  Miseries can cease.  To achieve this nirodha state one must follow moral codes and spiritual disciplines.


4. Magga:  The way is laid down in the Noble Eightforld Path.  Each of the eight stages of the Magga must be 'right', which means apprpriate and effective.




The Eightfold Path - Ashta Magga Buddhist Beliefs

Buddhist Beliefs


1. Right Understanding (Wisdom):  This involves seeing life as it is, in all its impermanence and imperfections.


2. Right Thought (Wisdom):  Here one aknowledges the power of one's mind which should be filled with thoughts of loving kindness and compassion toward all living beings.


3. Right Speech (Morality):  Such speech ranges from not telling lies to not gossiping and causing pain to othere via one's power of speech.


4. Right Action (Morality):  Such action involves not taking another's life, stealing or indulging in sexual misconduct.


5. Right Livelihood (Morality):  One must be very careful to have a job which does not involve directly or indirectly destroying life or hurting others.


6. Right Effort (Meditation):  This is required in order to be conscious of what one says and does.


7. Right Awareness (Meditation):  One must be wholly alert or awake to the needs of others and not infringe on their rights.


8. Right Concentration (Meditation):  With this one achieves a deeper level of attentiveness characterised by peace and tranquility.  Cravings and desire for sensual pleasures are quieted and rebirth is curtailed, leading to the state of Nirvana.  

Nirvana - Perfectional Stage

Nir - negate - Vana - forest of world.  The state of Nirvana is the highest stage of life one can attain as a Buddhist.  After one has reduced one's material selfish desire to nearly zero, a calmness and serenity overcomes one's being. No longer is one feeling unfulfilled or frustrated with life.  Now begins one's real life of blissful knowledge and  one gradual awakens to an eternal life beyond the confines and miseries of the temporal world of birth and death.



Buddhist Lifestyle

Vegan Food


An important part of life is food and even more important is what we eat.  We all know that poison can harm or kill, so we avoid taking this into our system. 


Buddha taght that one should follow a strictly vegan diet though milk products were allowed by him.  


The photo shows these ladies sharing spiritual music and delicious and nourishing vegan food at an outdoor event on the Isle of Wight.




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